October 1, 2019 - December 31, 2020

Daniel Gilbert

County of San Diego

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Food Waste Tracking

Food Waste Tracking

Ready. Set. Record!

For each day during the food waste tracking week, record your food waste. This action accepts one entry per day, so be sure to enter one total for food waste across all of your meals, or weigh all of your food waste once at the end of each day. Please use ounces for unit of measurement.



  • Daniel Gilbert 1/23/2020 8:06 PM
    I haven't counted cat food (the cat's, not mine). Should I ?

    • Elaine Sanders 1/24/2020 10:49 AM
      Glad i read the comments, because i'd totally capture "members" of my household. HAHA

    • Sarah Feteih 1/24/2020 9:39 AM
      Hi Daniel, great question! The EcoChallenge is only capturing food waste for people, so you wouldn't count cat food. 

  • Daniel Gilbert 1/21/2020 11:46 AM
    I  don't  have  a scale or  instructions  yet. 

    • Sarah Feteih 1/24/2020 10:13 AM
      You should be all set with starting to track and record your food waste! If you have any other questions later on, please feel free to reach out to me at sarah@sdfsa.org

    • Daniel Gilbert 1/23/2020 3:23 PM
      I  just got the scale. I'll read the document in   your prior reply. Is tthereanything else before starting  ? 

    • Sarah Feteih 1/22/2020 4:17 PM
      Hi Daniel! You should be receiving your scale soon. For detailed information about how to track and record food waste, please see our "Food Waste Tracking" Handout