October 1, 2019 - December 31, 2020



Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
rank: 1 name: County of San Diego teams: OEC Kaela Team Otay EDGE-Go-Green County of San Diego teammates: 305 Total Points: 45534  
rank: 2 name: California State University San Marcos teams: Zerowaste Craven 4700 CSUSM Cougars CSUSM Temecula Campus CSUSM Associated Students Inc. teammates: 137 Total Points: 23003  
rank: 3 name: University of San Diego teams: ITS @ USD (and Friends!) FM Eats (Facility Management) EOSC Grads Semi-Yolks Kroc School #TeamNoWaste Science Team Team Toreros Psych Sciences Changemaker Hub Human Resources USD Advancement Whale Hello There USD Student Wellness USD University Ministry San Diego Net Impact Club USD Student Affairs-Student Life Center for Educational Excellence School of Leadership and Education Sciences teammates: 106 Total Points: 18940  
rank: 4 name: Qualcomm teams: ak NTP Data Mary Qeco CEEco Q-eco Ramos Yummy QC-OPS QTerps Chenson FPM3525 NoWaste Pandeys SMRJWAL Tuscany Kemerton QCT.Mech Shooortz Vultures WhyWaste WingLuna WOLFPACK A11 Eaten Food4Soul Team Food team team Why waste? Team Toxic HungerGames SaveTheFood SixG! Search Team-Thanos FOOD BUSTERS Food Warriors Garbage Bears Team Chargers Team Save Food #doitforthegrams Qualcomm Bldg N SaltFatAcidHeat Apt 140 Esplanade NOWASTE Foodsaver teammates: 187 Total Points: 15001  
rank: 5 name: SDG&E teams: Team SDG&E teammates: 42 Total Points: 11352  
rank: 6 name: City of Chula Vista teams: Team Chula Vista teammates: 20 Total Points: 7660  
rank: 7 name: Save the Food San Diego teams: Community Team teammates: 20 Total Points: 1248