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  • Bob Coleman's avatar
    Bob Coleman 2/07/2021 10:30 PM
    I started a new bag of items to make stock and store it in the freezer, great way to use onion skins. 

  • Bob Coleman's avatar
    Bob Coleman 2/05/2021 8:41 PM
    Just harvested the last of the second round of broccoli. After the main head is cut off, smaller shoots grow, we picked the rest of them today.  

  • manuel medrano's avatar
    manuel medrano 11/09/2020 6:46 PM
    An unused storage container makes it easy to collect food

  • manuel medrano's avatar
    manuel medrano 6/12/2020 11:24 AM
    If you are lucky enough to have a fruit tree or veggie plant and they're producing more than you can consume do not let that resource go to waste. Pick it, box it and contact a local gleaning organization that could pick up the bounty from you to feed the hungry.

  • David DiDonato's avatar
    David DiDonato 5/26/2020 6:39 PM
    Just added some beautiful backyard compost to my vegetable garden. #improve your soil

  • Bob Coleman's avatar
    Bob Coleman 5/21/2020 10:50 PM
    Enjoyed home grown tomatoes in my lunchtime salad, today, directly from the vine to the salad.

    • Sarah Feteih's avatar
      Sarah Feteih 5/22/2020 11:49 AM
      Getting closer to our food sources by growing it ourselves is a fantastic way to curb waste. Great job, Bob!

  • Bob Coleman's avatar
    Bob Coleman 5/18/2020 9:48 PM
    Today I picked spinach from our garden mixed it with red leaf and romaine lettuce for a dinner salad. 

  • manuel medrano's avatar
    manuel medrano 4/17/2020 10:31 AM
    Made banana peel tacos for the 1st  time, the were delicious, learned the recipe by watching this vid from a local chef "BANANA PEEL TACOS" 

  • Nancy Chen's avatar
    Nancy Chen 4/06/2020 1:08 PM
    I am surprised that I have had less food waste since I have been sheltered in place at home. Have been cooking whatever I have. Most meat has been frozen and veggies are eaten every day and restocked when needed. Everyone, please stay safe!!

  • manuel medrano's avatar
    manuel medrano 3/11/2020 4:29 PM
    I have to confess that I found a cilantro bunch that was too far gone to use and now sits in my composter. Goes to the point of making sure we strategically place food in our refrigerators so it doesn't get forgotten.